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Introducing My Debut Book - "Million Dollar Sales T.U.N.E. Up"

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I’m excited to share my upcoming book, “Million Dollar Sales T.U.N.E. Up”, set to launch this September. It encapsulates my journey, insights, and unique sales strategies that I believe can make a difference. I’ve poured my heart and soul into this book, and I genuinely hope it provides you with value and inspiration. Want to stay updated and be among the first to get a copy upon release? Follow me on social media and join our vibrant community!

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From the very first encounter with Tony Kurtulan, his unmatched zeal for sales and business immediately stood out. Tony, with...

From the very first encounter with Tony Kurtulan, his unmatched zeal for sales and business immediately stood out. Tony, with his rich tapestry of over 20 years of hands-on sales experience, also brings a unique global perspective to the table due to his extensive international expertise. His passion for the world of sales is truly infectious and far-reaching.

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Tony is always taking action.  Making calls, setting appointments, following up....ever day.  Tony's energy is unmatched.  But, he also knows...

Tony is always taking action.  Making calls, setting appointments, following up....ever day.  Tony's energy is unmatched.  But, he also knows that success is more than just enthusiasm.  Tony knows that enthusiasm must be matched with a sound strategy and a measured process.  This book puts those ingredients in place for you.

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Tony Kurtulan embodies the T.U.N.E. sales system principles every day, inspiring us all with his dedication to growth, action, and...

Tony Kurtulan embodies the T.U.N.E. sales system principles every day, inspiring us all with his dedication to growth, action, and persistence. In the world of sales, facing rejection is inevitable, but Tony's proactive approach to sales ability to bounce back from challenges and setbacks is truly admirable. He doesn't let rejection deter him but rather sees it as an opportunity to learn and improve. This resilience and determination are qualities that every salesperson should strive to emulate. Tony's uplifting spirit motivates those around him, making him a true sales role model.

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Thank you for stopping by! Here, you’ll get to know a bit more about me, my passion for sales, and the way I see the world of sales through the lens of the T.U.N.E. system. Let’s roll’em! 

“Tony Kurtulan, a renowned Sales Speaker, brings to you the T.U.N.E. Sales System – a transformative journey for both seasoned and budding sales professionals. With over three decades of expertise, Tony’s unique approach to sales combines the dynamism of FUEL and the strategic guidance of PATH, creating an unparalleled roadmap to sales success.”

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Core Values:

  1. Growth through Learning: We believe in constantly evolving through continuous learning.
  2. Action-Oriented: We are proactive, always moving forward.
  3. Persistent Dedication: We stay committed, even in the face of adversity.
  4. Trust and Integrity: Building relationships based on mutual respect and trust.
  5. Emotional Intelligence: We understand and value the power of emotions in our interactions.

Mission Statement

“Empowering sales professionals and businesses with the T.U.N.E. Sales System – a unique combination of FUEL and PATH – to drive unparalleled success. We believe in transforming individuals not just into better salespeople, but into leaders in their fields, armed with the knowledge, skills, and mindset to conquer any challenge.”


Vision Statement

“To be the world’s foremost authority on sales training and methodologies, creating a global community of empowered, knowledgeable, and inspired sales champions. With the T.U.N.E. Sales System, we envision a world where sales is not just a profession but a lifestyle, leading to personal growth, freedom, and success.”


Need a Speaker?

 Let's Talk!

Hosting an event or seminar? I’d love to join in, share my insights, and maybe a story or two. I promise it’ll be engaging, enlightening, and yeah, a whole lot of fun. If you’re up for it, hit that button and let’s get the conversation rolling. 

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Overview Section:

Get a Glimpse of What We Offer

Every journey has multiple paths, and my professional voyage is no different. From authoring a book, taking the stage as a speaker, to fostering a community of sales enthusiasts, and much more – here’s a snapshot of the diverse ways I serve, teach, and engage. Explore each facet and find the one that resonates most with you.

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Author: This September, dive into the world of sales with my upcoming book – “Million Dollar Sales T.U.N.E. Up”. It encapsulates my experiences, strategies, and a unique approach to sales.

Speaker: My passion doesn’t just end at writing; I love to connect with audiences worldwide. I aim to educate, inspire, and share my sales wisdom through dynamic presentations and engaging talks.

Set One Sales logo in bright yellow with a turquoise border.

Set One Sales Company: At the heart of my career is Set One Sales, a company dedicated to excellence in sales leadership, consulting, and staffing. Here’s how we can make a difference:

  • Guided Leadership: We provide sales teams with the tools and strategies to lead the market and keep the momentum going.

  • T.U.N.E. Sales Academy: With both online and in-person courses, we combine tried-and-true methods with the latest in sales education.

  • Smart Staffing: It’s not just about hiring; it’s about finding the right sales talent that aligns with your company’s goals.

  • Tailored Sales Help: Every company has its unique challenges. Our consulting services are designed to fit your specific sales needs, ensuring steady growth.

Set One Sales Podcast: Tune in to the ‘Set One Sales Podcast’ for riveting conversations on sales, strategies, and success stories. A platform where I discuss the nuances of the sales world and host experts from the field.

T.U.N.E. Sales Academy: Beyond just reading the book, immerse yourself in the T.U.N.E. Sales Academy’s training course. Equip yourself with actionable insights, strategies, and techniques that can be applied in the real world.

T.U.N.E. Titans Community: Join the “T.U.N.E. Titans” – a Facebook group dedicated to sales professionals. Engage in enlightening discussions, share experiences, and learn from peers.

Tony Kurtulan's Million Dollar Sales TUNE UP

the decisions we make.

The T.U.N.E. Sales System brings the FUEL and PATH together, teaching you to optimize each interaction and close deals more efficiently. Through this system, I’ve been able to embrace success in various industries, overcoming challenges and setting records in each role I took on.

1. **Trust (T)**: Building trust is the cornerstone of any sales transaction. Whether you’re selling a product, service, or idea, the buyer needs to believe in you before they’ll part with their money. The T.U.N.E. System emphasizes the importance of building trust, offering strategies to establish credibility, show authenticity, and demonstrate your value proposition.

2. **Urgency (U)**: How many times have you lost a sale because the potential customer needed to “think about it”? The T.U.N.E. System will teach you how to create a sense of urgency without being pushy, ensuring the potential client sees the value in acting quickly.

3. **Need (N)**: Identifying a customer’s need is at the heart of every sale. By understanding their pain points and requirements, you can tailor your pitch and offer solutions that resonate with them.

4. **Emotion (E)**: Sales is as much about emotions as it is about logic. The T.U.N.E. System delves deep into the psychology of sales, helping you connect with the emotions driving your customer’s decisions.

The Secret Sauces:
– **PUSH Objection Handling Framework**: This framework arms you with the techniques to navigate objections smoothly, turning potential roadblocks into pathways for agreement.

– **Asking the Right Sales Questions**: A sale often hinges on asking the right questions at the right time. The T.U.N.E. System ensures you’re well-equipped with a list of powerful questions that can drive the conversation in your favor.

– **The Power of Emotions in Making Decisions and Objections**: This module dives deep into understanding the ‘why’ behind customer decisions, ensuring you’re not just closing deals but building lasting relationships.

**Why Choose the T.U.N.E. Sales System and “Million Dollar Sales TUNE Up”?**

The world of sales is teeming with techniques, strategies, and systems, but few are as comprehensive, tried, and tested as the T.U.N.E. Sales System. It’s a culmination of three decades of experience, insights, and wisdom, distilled into a structured program.

By choosing the “Million Dollar Sales TUNE Up,” you’re not just getting a book; you’re acquiring a mentor in Tony Kurtulan. Someone who’s been there, done that, and is now sharing his blueprint for success. Someone who understands the ups and downs, the challenges and the triumphs, and is committed to helping you navigate them.

Whether you’re a seasoned salesperson looking for a refresher, a beginner seeking direction, or an entrepreneur aiming to skyrocket your business, the T.U.N.E. Sales System has something for everyone.

Remember, every champion was once a contender that refused to give up. With the T.U.N.E. Sales System, you’re not just learning to sell; you’re learning to excel, to surpass your goals, and to stand out from the crowd.

**In Conclusion**

The home of Tony Kurtulan, the T.U.N.E. Sales System, and the “Million Dollar Sales TUNE Up” is not just a destination for those looking to improve their sales skills. It’s a community, a hub of learning, inspiration, and action.

Join us on this transformative journey. Dive into a world where sales is more than a profession – it’s a passion. Discover the secrets to unparalleled success, and let’s hit the road to sales triumph together.

Are you ready to tune up your sales game? Welcome to the home of Tony Kurtulan. Let’s begin this extraordinary journey.

Understanding Sales Speaker Tony Kurtulan

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Sales Speaker Tony Kurtulan

Sales, in today’s competitive landscape, demands not only talent but also expert guidance. Enter the unparalleled expertise of sales speaker Tony Kurtulan. He’s not just another name in the vast sea of sales trainers. Tony Kurtulan has revolutionized the art and science of sales through his captivating sessions. In this guide, we’ll delve deep into what makes him stand out.

Sales Speaker Tony Kurtulan: A Brief Introduction

 A Proven Track Record: Sales speaker Tony Kurtulan doesn’t just preach; he practices. With years of experience, he brings to the table strategies that have been tried, tested, and triumphed.

 Engaging Techniques: Gone are the days of monotonous sales training. Tony employs engaging techniques that ensure learning is interactive and exciting.

 In Depth Knowledge: Understanding the nuances of sales is critical. Sales speaker Tony Kurtulan excels in offering insights that are actionable and result oriented.

Why Tony Kurtulan Stands Out in the Realm of Sales

  1. Mastery Over Sales Psychology: Sales is not just about pitching; it’s about understanding the client’s psychology. Tony’s sessions are replete with tips on mastering this.
  2. Adaptable Strategies: With the changing sales landscape, adaptability is crucial. Sales speaker Tony Kurtulan understands this and moulds his strategies accordingly.


  1. Empathy and Connection: Building a connection is pivotal in sales. Tony doesn’t just teach this; he exemplifies it.

Learning from Sales Speaker Tony Kurtulan: Key Takeaways

Customized Training: Every team and individual is different. Tony ensures his sessions are tailored to suit specific needs.


Tech Savvy:In an age driven by digital, sales speaker Tony Kurtulan ensures he’s abreast with the latest technologies to aid sales.

Networking Guru: The importance of networking in sales can’t be emphasized enough. Learn the art and science of it from Tony.

The Journey of Tony Kurtulan

From humble beginnings to becoming the esteemed sales speaker Tony Kurtulan, his journey has been nothing short of inspirational. He believes in continuous learning, evolving, and sharing his wealth of knowledge with budding sales enthusiasts and professionals alike.


Future Trends Predicted by Sales Speaker Tony Kurtulan

As the industry evolves, Tony keeps a keen eye on trends. Some predictions for the sales domain by sales speaker Tony Kurtulan include:

 Emphasis on Relationship Selling

 Increased use of Data Analytics

 Leveraging AI in Lead Generation


“I’ve attended numerous sales workshops, but the sessions by sales speaker Tony Kurtulan have been transformative. The insights, strategies, and hands on approach is unparalleled.”  Mark D.


“Sales speaker Tony Kurtulan has a unique style that makes learning fun and effective. Every session is a treasure trove of knowledge.”  Lisa H.



In the realm of sales, guidance from experts can be a game changer. Sales speaker Tony Kurtulan, with his vast experience, innovative strategies, and engaging methods, stands out as the goto expert for all sales related queries and training. If you’re keen on transforming your sales journey, Tony’s sessions are a must attend. 

With this comprehensive guide, you now have a clearer understanding of the brilliance that sales speaker Tony Kurtulan brings to the table. His blend of experience, expertise, and engagement truly sets him apart in the world of sales.