Set One Sales

Fixing Sales Problems

From Strategy

To Success

A complete sales agency offering sales outsourcing, lead generation and more.

Sales as a Service

A complete sales agency offering sales outsourcing, lead generation and more. We train your employees to build, develop and implement successful sales strategies. 

Prospecting & Outreach

We train your employees to learn how to strategize sales and earn more customers through engagement and outreach.

Teaching Sales

Providing you with solutions for customer outreach and prospecting through cold calling and LinkedIn lead generation. 

How We Work

Our process at Set One Sales focuses on close customer collaboration at all times. We value flexibility over sticking to a plan.

Sales Leadership Deployment

Assigning expert sales leaders for strategic planning.

Talent Acquisition

Hire, train and manage sales teams.

Continuous Improvement

Iteratively refine and optimize sales methods.

Multi-channel Lead Generation

Employ different methods for customer prospecting.

Sales Support

Continuous coaching and support for trained sales teams.

What We


Fractional Sales Leadership

Tony's 25+ years of expertise drive our sales advisory services, focusing on the T.U.N.E. Sales System for sustained success through mentorship and performance analysis.

Lead Generation

Set One Sales transforms B2B LinkedIn strategies with various strategic methods like A/B testing and profile optimization resulting in increased conversions.

1 on 1 Sales Coaching

Set One Sales offers diverse, personalized sales training, online and in-person, tailored for aspiring leaders, emphasizing mastery of the T.U.N.E. Sales System.

Online Sales Academy

From part-time fractional leadership to full-time executives we offer tailored solutions with our vast network.

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