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Meet Best Selling Author | Sales Trainer Tony Kurtulan | Founder of Set One Sales

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& Multi-Million Dollar Producer…
Tony Kurtulan is a seasoned sales veteran with over thirty years of experience and an impressive record of selling over 200 million dollars worth of products and services. His vast battlefield ranges from conquering 400,000 cold calls and orchestrating over 4,000 appointments to leading sales teams responsible for hundreds of millions in global sales. 
Not just a leader, Tony has also run businesses across various industries, reinforcing his conviction that sales is both an art and a science and an indispensable force in business. With his passion for sales and resilience against rejection, Tony has amassed a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. This book encapsulates his journey, delivering to you his hard-earned strategies and insights. With Tony’s proven track record, you can trust him to guide your transformation in the sales cosmos.
Unleash your true potential in sales with the T.U.N.E. Sales System, a groundbreaking guide that offers a transformative journey to freedom. This book arms you with powerful strategies, equipping you to skyrocket your sales performance, maximize your earnings, and work effectively from anywhere. 
As you navigate through this journey, you will undergo a transformation that not only enhances your sales skills but also reshapes your life. You will gain financial prosperity, time abundance, and the freedom to craft a lifestyle of your choosing. Are you ready to claim your freedom and excel in sales like never before? This book is your first step.